Nov 10 2013

Just Tell Me What To Say!

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“I know I have to talk to my kids about being safe, but I don’t know how to get started. Just tell me what to say!”

I hear this a lot from parents.  They know the old stranger-danger message isn’t the way to go anymore but they’re stuck with what they should be telling their kids.

It’s hard enough to think of the right words, let alone the right concepts that will work and most importantly not scare our kids. That’s why I wrote “Super Duper Safety School.”  It’s based on the same safety rules and curriculum that I teach in classrooms throughout Southern California, where I’m usually working in schools almost every day. In fact, this is my classroom safety lesson put into one easy-to-use children’s book.

Super Duper Safety School  give kids practical “do’s and don’ts” in an easy to digest format. It does the work for you because it’s practically a script with the same language and illustrations that I use in schools all the time.

The nice thing about using a children’s book to cover topics like “tricky people”, checking first, “the helping rule”, and private parts is that you can go slowly, at your own pace, covering a little bit at a time and reviewing whenever you’d like. It allows for conversation between parent and child, and is more interactive than having kids sit in front a video, without much input from you. Research shows that children are more likely to retain important information when they are actively engaged.

I hope you’ll take a look at Super Duper Safety School and incorporate it into your family life. It tells you exactly what to say!
(And, there’s a super-duper parent guide  and bookmark at the end!)


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