Oct 22 2009

The Super-10 Safe-Smarts Rules… Safety for kids with people they: know, don’t know, or know just a little bit.

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Not sure how to start the safety conversation with your kids?  Try using the Super 10 Safe-Smarts Rules.

Consider this:  most kids understand the concept of rules.    Whether they’re at school, on the playground or at home, they know there are certain  acceptable behaviors and guidelines  they’re expected follow.  In fact, kids count on this kind of structure as they navigate through their world.  It’s how they get through the day!    By giving children the Super 10 Safe-Smarts Rules, we’re empowering them with exactly what they should know to keep safe.    These rules let kids know that they have rights, and can take action when they need to.

The Super-10 Safe-Smarts Rules are great because they apply to all kinds of situations, with people that our children:  know, don’t know, or know just a little bit. Whether we want to teach kids to be safe around their soccer coach or the stranger at the park, the Super-10 is an effective, clear way to get the conversation started!

Look  for teachable moments:  on your way to an outing or playdate, as you’re setting the table together, etc.     You can introduce a rule or two in just a few minutes and ask them if they understand it.  Another great way to introduce the Super 10 is to play the “What If?” game.  Simply put… “What if someone approaches you asking for help?”  “What if a grownup told you to keep a secret from your parents that makes you feel yucky?” Keep the tone of  “What If'” light, and remind your kids that they can be safe-strong and in charge!

Lastly, let kids know that both children and adults must follow the safety rules.

The Super-Ten Safe-Smarts Rules For Kids and Grownups!

  2. I know my name, address and phone number… and my parents’ cell phone number, too.
  3. Safe Grownups Don’t Ask Kids for Help. (They go to other adults for assistance)
  4. I never go ANYWHERE or take ANYTHING from someone I don’t know… no matter what they say.
  5. I always CHECK FIRST and get permission before:  I go anywhere, change my plans, or TAKE SOMETHING even if it’s from someone I know. If I can’t check first, then the answer is “NO!”
  6. Everyone’s bathing suit areas” on their body are private. No bathing suit area games allowed.
  7. I don’t have to be POLITE if someone makes me feel scared or uncomfortable.  It’s okay to say NO! even to a grownup or bigger kid if I have to.
  8. I don’t keep SECRETS from my parents.   (No one should tell a child to keep a secret from their parents, especially one that involves their bodies.)
  9. If I ever get lost in a public place, I can FREEZE AND YELL or go to a MOM WITH KIDS and ask for help.
  10. I always listen to my own inner voice… especially if I get an “uh-oh” feeling.

Safe Bosses Watch Out For Tricky People.

It’s Not What They Look Like,

It’s What They Say or Want You To Do.

Tricky People are THUMBS DOWN!



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