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Mar 06 2015

Keeping Up With Kids & Social Media!

Remember when all you had to do was “friend” your kid on Facebook and you could keep up with their online socializing. Those days are long gone. Once the grownups starting enjoying Facebook themselves, it became “uncool” for kids, plus there are so many newer, faster, jazzier ways for them to socialize online now. Instant […]

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Jul 01 2014

The Sleepover Dilemma

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(This one’s a little long, but totally worth it!) Sleepovers?!? Personally, I’m not a huge fan of them, mainly because in my experience, no one ever gets much sleep! The day after a sleepover is very often a cranky disaster, but that’s another story. At some point every parent asks the same question… should we […]

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Jun 12 2014

A Child’s Exit Strategy

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TIP OF THE DAY! Set up a little “family code” between you and your child if they need to call you to pick them up early from a sleepover or playdate in case they’re getting an Uh-Oh Feeling (or for any reason). Something like “My throat hurts”, “I have an earache”, “I miss my dog!” […]

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Mar 03 2014

Thwarting A Would-Be Kidnapper

A scary thing happened last week in Westchester, CA, a lovely residential suburb on the westside of Los Angeles.   The kind of place where you don’t expect bad things to happen, like the attempted abduction of a child… especially in broad daylight.  But that’s exactly what happened.  A brazen attempted kidnapping, in the middle of […]

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Nov 10 2013

Just Tell Me What To Say!

“I know I have to talk to my kids about being safe, but I don’t know how to get started. Just tell me what to say!” I hear this a lot from parents.  They know the old stranger-danger message isn’t the way to go anymore but they’re stuck with what they should be telling their […]

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Oct 30 2013

Safe-Smart Halloween Tips

Every year people ask me if Trick or Treating is still a safe tradition. My answer is YES. Enjoy the holiday with your kids, but of course, take a few precautions whether your kids are young and going out with you or if they are a little bit older and venturing out into the neighborhood […]

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