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Mar 23 2017

A Victim Impact Statement

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To My Safely Ever After readers:  Below, a family shares their powerful victim impact statement.  Written by “C”., the victim’s mother, as she faced what no parent should ever have to face… the child molester who victimized her son, in court.  The molester received a minimum of 25 years, thanks to the hard work of […]

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Sep 06 2016

Tricky People Tip Saved These 2 Brothers From Possible Abduction!

How the “Tricky People” Concept Saved My Boys

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Jun 12 2016

2016 Summer Camp Safety… 7 Tips for Parents and 7 Tips To Share With Your Kids!

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Summer camp can be great fun and is often a rite of passage for many kids. Camps help our children experience new activities, make new friends, explore diversity, and help foster independence. Plus, it’s pretty great to get them outdoors, instead of sitting behind a computer, TV or video gaming screen. If you’re sending your […]

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May 14 2016

Would Your Child Know This?

Proof that teaching the tricky people/safety rules concept works so much better than ineffective “stranger-danger.” Huge thanks to this Mom blogger for sharing how Safely Ever After’s safety rules helped her son avoid a “thumbs down” tricky person. A great read here.

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Jun 12 2015

“My Child Would Never Do That” Dateline NBC 6/7/15

Last Sunday’s Dateline episode was a huge eye-opener for many parents. (If you missed it, click the Dateline link here.)  Below is a checklist for parents to review with their kids. It’s not about being a helicopter parent, it’s about teaching them how to handle certain situations and how to be independent. You wouldn’t drop […]

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Mar 06 2015

Keeping Up With Kids & Social Media!

Remember when all you had to do was “friend” your kid on Facebook and you could keep up with their online socializing. Those days are long gone. Once the grownups starting enjoying Facebook themselves, it became “uncool” for kids, plus there are so many newer, faster, jazzier ways for them to socialize online now. Instant […]

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