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“Pattie was able to bring humor into the workshop by discussing common parenting issues that we all deal with. By the end everyone was talking about how easy she made us feel...”
Linda Perry
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Parent & Child Workshops

Safely Ever After, Inc. has created exceptional workshops & seminars for adults and children of all age groups. Our comprehensive programs and curriculum have been enthusiastically endorsed by teachers, educators, and parents across the country.

Available for:
» Your school or classroom
» PTA Meeting
» Human Resources Event
» Parent Group
» Staff Training
» Community Event
» Home Safety Party

For more information or to book a presentation, please email:



› For parents & caregivers

What does a parent need to know about personal safety for children?
How should you teach your child proper safety skills without fear?
When should you start?

This 90-minute presentation dispels the myths and clarifies the truths surrounding childhood sexual abuse and abduction. Learn who the predators are, what they really count on, and common tricks they use to lure children.

Features include:
» Understanding Megan’s Law
» 10 Family Safety Rules
» 20 Prevention Tips, Guidelines, & Skills to teach our children
» ‘Stranger Danger’ vs. ‘Familiar Danger’
» 10 Red Flags, Warning Signs, and Common Tricks used to lure children
» A thorough explanation of Boundaries
» Ways to begin the dialog with your children in a non-fearful manner


› For ages 5 thru 8

Children don’t have to be paranoid or fearful when it comes to safety. They simply need to learn some vital skills and strategies so they can recognize a “thumbs down” situation.

In this 50 minute, age-appropriate and non-fearful presentation, children learn that they are the “boss” of their bodies and that their feelings are the most important.

Features include:
» 10 Family Safety Rules
» What to do if you get lost in a store (or public place)
» An age-appropriate explanation of physical boundaries
» Clarification of the “stranger danger” concept
» How to Spot a “TRICKY PERSON”


› For ages 9 thru 12

An interactive and age-appropriate 50 minute program focusing on appropriate physical and relationship boundaries: how to define them and how to safeguard them. Children are also instructed on how to trust their instincts and make safe choices as they gain more independence.

Features include:
» 12 Safe-Smart Rules for Kids
» What is A Boundary, and why it’s important
» How To Spot a Tricky Person
» Playing It Safe by making safe choices
» Resisting Peer Pressure
» 9 Internet Safe-Smart guidelines


› For ages 13 -17

An interactive and age appropriate 60 minute program focusing on appropriate boundaries, trusting your instincts and making smart, safe decisions and choices.

Features include:
» 14 Safe-Smart Rules for Kids
» Establishing and Defending Personal Boundaries
» How To Spot a Tricky Person
» Playing It Safe by making safe choices
» Safety tips for: Caution, Confidence & Communication (the 3 C’s)
» Resisting Peer Pressure
» 9 Internet Safe-Smart guidelines

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