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“Pattie's presentation was filled with great tips in a perfect, kid-friendly way. She helped the students understand the concepts of personal safety in a fun & entertaining manner....”

Deanna Sinfield
Assistant Principal
Franklin Elementary
Santa Monica, CA
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For Non-Profits & Educators

Programs for:
Non-Profit Organizations
Staff Trainings

Children don’t have to be paranoid or fearful when it comes to safety. They simply need to learn some vital skills and strategies so they can recognize a “thumbs down” situation.

For Schools:

Safely Ever After, Inc. teaches students vital skills and strategies to keep them safe from sexual abuse, abduction, and internet crime.
*Our classroom presentations are age-appropriate, non-fearful & empowering; and have been enthusiastically endorsed by educators, counselors, parents, and students at numerous private and public schools throughout California.

For Non-Profit Organizations:

Safely Ever After, Inc. is happy to present any of our adult or children’s workshops for your organization or event at a reduced cost to you, or we can create a specific curriculum for your agency’s exclusive use. We will provide the program and training so that your staff can schedule your own presentations as often as needed.

For Staff Trainings:

Safely Ever After, Inc. can train your teachers, administrators, or employees in our specific child safety curriculum which can then be used throughout your school or company.

All programs include take-home materials so that parents can help reinforce this important education.

*Please note that Safely Ever After, Inc.’s children’s programs are NOT “cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all” assembly programs. They are individualized safety presentations designed for age-appropriate instruction to reach children at different grade levels and maturity from kindergarten through high school.
Just as you would speak to a 6 year old differently than a 12 year old, Safely Ever After believes the most effective prevention education respects the differences in maturity and developmental stages of children in all age groups.


› For grades K thru 3

A 50 minute, age-appropriate and non-fearful presentation, where children learn that they are the “boss” of their bodies and that their feelings are the most important.

Features include:
» 10 Family Safety Rules
» What to do if you get lost in a store (or public place)
» An age-appropriate explanation of physical boundaries
» Clarification of the “stranger danger” concept
» How to Spot a “TRICKY PERSON”


› For grades 4 thru 7

An interactive and age-appropriate 50 minute program focusing on appropriate physical and relationship boundaries: how to define them and how to safeguard them. Children are also instructed on how to trust their instincts and make safe choices as they gain more independence.

Features include:
» 12 Safe-Smart Rules for Kids
» What is A Boundary, and why it’s important
» How To Spot a Tricky Person
» Playing It Safe by making safe choices
» Resisting Peer Pressure
» 9 Internet Safe-Smart guidelines


› For grades 8 thru 12

An interactive and age appropriate 60 minute program focusing on appropriate boundaries, trusting your instincts and making smart, safe decisions and choices.

Features include:
» 14 Safe-Smart Rules for Kids
» Establishing and Defending Personal Boundaries
» How To Spot a Tricky Person
» Playing It Safe by making safe choices
» Safety tips for: Caution, Confidence & Communication (the 3 C’s)
» Resisting Peer Pressure
» 9 Internet Safe-Smart guidelines


› For adults only

A 90 minute comprehensive power point presentation designed to teach parents and caregivers vital strategies and skills designed to keep children safe from predators, including 10 Family Safety Rules, 10 Red Flags and Warning Signs, 20 Prevention Tips and Guidelines for teaching children.


For more information, please contact or telephone 310-203-1330.

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