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Protecting Our Children…

For information on Megan’s Law in the state of California, visit the website:

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Caregiver Checks

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Stop It Now

KlaasKids Foundation

Darkness To Light

The Joyful Child Foundation


Crimes Against Children Research Center

Prevent Child Abuse America

Robin Sax, Legal Analyst

Family Watchdog

The Lamplighter Movement

Permanent Impressions

Twigtale (personalized books for young children)



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Without effective intervention, childhood sexual abuse can go on for months or years, continuing to harm its victims, both physically and emotionally.
There is help…

For advocacy, support, and treatment of sexually abused children and their families: The Stuart House, Santa Monica at (310) 319-4248:

Throughout the state of California, you may call the Child Abuse Hot Line
toll free at: 1-800-540-4000.

To report criminal sexual abuse of a minor, you may phone the following:

Los Angeles County:

  • Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services:
    (213) 351-5507 or 1-800-540-4000.
  • Los Angeles Police Dept., Sexually Exploited Child Unit: (213) 847-5358 or
    (213) 485-2883
  • Los Angeles County Sheriff Dept.: (323) 526-5000
  • District Attorney, Sexual Crimes and Child Abuse Unit: (213) 974-9790

You may also simply phone or visit your local police or sheriff station or substation to report the crime of sexual abuse of a minor.

For more resources, refer to the “Community Services” pages in the front of your telephone book.

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Other Important Phone Numbers:

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children 1-800-843-5678

California Missing Children Hotline 1-800-222-3463

Federal Bureau of Investigation, Los Angeles (FBI) 310-477-6565

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Counseling and Mental Health Referrals:

Lotus picture Dr Lindsay Heller - Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Child, Adolescent, Adult Psychotherapy... (310) 384-9300

C.A.M.F.T. (California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists)
(323) 964-3200 extension 1

Didi Hirsh Community Mental Health Center – Culver City (310) 390-6612

Edmund D. Edelman – Westside Mental Health Center, Children & Family Services
(310) 966-6500

Mental Health Referral Service – (helps find a licensed therapist in your area)

For more counseling services, please check your yellow pages under “Social Services Agencies” or talk to your medical doctor for a confidential referral.

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