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It's never too early to talk to your kids about Internet safety.

Go online together, establish time limits, talk about which sites or activities online are allowed and which are off-limits.

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Internet Tip Sheet for Kids
1. I am Special and I have the RIGHT to be SAFE ONLINE!
2. I will not give out any PERSONAL INFORMATION ONLINE such as my name, address or phone number, my school, the area I live in, sports teams I belong to, or places I often hang out at with my friends.
3. I will tell my parents right away if anyone online sends me a message that makes me feel scared, uncomfortable or seems “weird”, EVEN if it’s from someone I know.
4. I will NEVER AGREE TO MEET anyone in person that I’ve only talked to online. I will check with my parents and if they say it’s okay, then one of them will come with me.
5. I will NEVER SEND my picture to anyone online without telling my parents first.
6. Sometimes people aren’t always who they say they are online… I will always tell my parents immediately if someone I don’t know emails me, I.M.’s me, or contacts me online in any way.
7. I will not give out my Internet Password to anyone except my parents. *Not even to my best friends!
8. I WILL NOT DOWNLOAD ANYTHING without checking with my parents first.
9. I will not open emails or attachments from people I don’t know.
10. I WILL ABIDE BY THE INTERNET AND COMPUTER RULES that my parents have set up for me; such as how much time I can spend on the computer and which websites or chat rooms I am allowed to access.
11. The Internet can offer many fun and helpful resources for kids and I agree to conduct myself in a safe and appropriate manner online at all times. I will follow all NETIQUETTE RULES and be smart, safe cyber citizen.
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