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“Thank you Pattie for the excellent child safety presentation.

So many of the parents have commented to me about the incredible amount of time and energy you spent with them… answering questions and putting their minds at ease.

We appreciate your commitment to the children.”

Kimberly Pressler
North Shore
Montessori School
Stony Brook
New York
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About S.E.A.

Pattie Fitzgerald has been successfully teaching Child Predator Safety Awareness since 2001. She is the founder and creator of Safely Ever After, Inc. and provides effective, non-fearful safety workshops, seminars, and keynote speeches at schools, community organizations, churches, and corporations throughout the United States. She has trained many crime prevention educators and children’s advocacy groups with her specialized programs, curriculum, and educational materials.

A widely recognized and respected children’s advocate, Pattie has made it her mission to teach parents and children everywhere her “safe-smarts” – which is child-friendly terminology for “street smarts”. Armed with “safe-smarts” parents and children are left feeling empowered, informed and aware – secure in the knowledge that they can take measures to prevent victimization.

As a mom herself, Pattie understands the fears and concerns that other parents are faced with every day when it comes to protecting their children. And… she knows how to deliver the message so that it is heard. Her straight-forward, warm & caring approach has been highly praised by parents, educators, and child advocacy groups across the country.

With her common sense strategies, technical expertise, and parent-friendly guidance, Pattie is expert at dispelling the myths and clarifying the truths surrounding childhood sexual abuse. She is a published author and has been selected by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s M.E.R.I.T. Program as an instructor to incarcerated inmates at the North County Correctional Facility in Castaic, California. Pattie has also recently been named as the Safety and Prevention Advisor for the newly formed child advocacy group, Prior to the inception of Safely Ever After, Inc., Pattie previously worked as the Community Outreach Educator for the national child advocacy group, Parents For Megan’s Law.

She has been featured on Good Morning America, CNN Headline News and MSNBC, as well as KCBS-2, KNBC-4 and KABC-7. Her written works have been published in numerous parenting magazines, trade journals, and newspapers throughout the United States.

For more information, or to book your own workshop, call 310-203-1330.

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