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"Pattie Fitzgerald and the Safely Ever After Program was nothing short of a must know education...

We are privileged to have had Ms. Fitzgerald visit our program and share her wealth of knowledge."

Deputy Dave Bates
LA County
Sheriff’s Department
M.E.R.I.T. Program
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Welcome to Safely Ever After, Inc.
 Innovative, Non-Fearful Safety Programs for Parents & Kids…
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Did you know ?
… it takes less than a minute for a predator to lure a child away?
… 90% of childhood sexual abuse occurs by someone the child knows?
… even very young children can be taught some important safety rules and skills?

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Safe Smarts for Every Child

…because there’s more to keeping kids safe
than just teaching the “stranger-danger” concept.

Safely Ever After, Inc. is committed to keeping our kids safe, with empowering and effective programs that work.

Founder Pattie Fitzgerald blends her expertise as a certified prevention educator, speaker, author, and most importantly as a MOM to instruct families everywhere on her effective “safe-smarts” strategies for keeping kids safe.

Admired for her positive approach and affable style, Pattie is passionate about providing families with the right kind of tools and information that can prevent our children from being victimized.

Safely Ever After, Inc. provides up-to-date information and prevention education programs to help empower families against child predators.

“It’s incredibly hard to come to terms with the fact that we can’t always be there to protect our children every second of the day.

That’s why Pattie Fitzgerald’s seminar is so vital to the health and safety of our children. She gives tangible tools to help you take the power back. Her warm and compassionate approach makes the information accessible and comfortable to put into play.

Thanks, Pattie!”

Camryn Manheim, actress and MOM, Los Angeles, California

For more information on Safely Ever After and Ms. Fitzgerald's programs and services, please visit our “Presentations & Services” links.

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